Moonsea Chronicles Campaign Information

The Moonsea Chronicles is a Campaign I am running for a group of roleplayers. Its primary setting is the Moonsea region of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting by Wizards of the Coast.

The Moonsea Legacy Campaign is set at the time of Zhentil Keeps expansion into Teshendale. The Campaign kicked off just a week or so before the spring season and Zhentil Keep’s march on Teshendale. Gelen Aubrey, the minor lord of Aubry, a small village in Teshendale is forced to flee with his second cousin and bodyguard, Bragah, as the Zhentil forces invade. Aubry is the one of the first villages of Teshendale to fall. Gelen and Bragah flee down the River Tesh and arrive in Teshendale City just as the Zhent armies begin to surround it. After political maneuvering Gelen and Bragah lead a small force of Teshendale survivors and flee through the underdark. They eventually allied with another set of Dalelanders and bandits and escaped to Phlan to find a way to get their revenge on Zhentil Keep and reclaim Teshendale.

We are using a mix of the Fudge and Fate RPG systems. To find out more about the system take a look at the Moonsea Fudge pages