Village of Aubrey in Teshendale Information

Men at Arms

Bragah – Mat’s Character

Walter Bolbec – Captain of the Guard – Walter was a childhood friend of Steven’s Father (Walter Aubrey) and served as his companion for his brief adventuring career and retired with him to serve as his Captain of the Guard. Though he is getting up in his years he is still one of the best swords in Aubrey. Wields a sword and shield

Bryce Ingland – A mercenary displaced from a battle between Hillfar and Zhentil Keep at Yulash, was on the hillsafar side, he hid out at Aubrey while nursing a wounded arm. Got to know a few of the other men at arms and was hired on as the most recent men at arms. Weilds a scimitar and sheild

Harding Newlands – The youngest member he is an expert archer, he lived with his father and mother in the woods north of Aubrey all his life. His family would come to trade at Aubrey and when he grew up he came to Aubrey to find employ as a man at arms. Wields a bow and knife

Fulk – a half orc warrior from the Thar, he was a memebr of the tribe now called the Blood Skulls, then called the Black Spears. He was a bastard son of the ex warcheif and when the Grummite Clerics took over he was exiled. After wandering and working as a caravan guard he happened to be in Aubrey during a bandit attack. He chipped in on the village defense but his merchant employer died and he was left jobless. Showing fearsome valor in combat and mercy as well Walter offered him a job. Wields a massive great axe

Odo Waide – Grew up the youngest son of Anselm Waide a fisherman in Aubrey, he never had much interest in fishing and as he grew up playing with Steven had a natural inclination to playing at swords. Wields a spear

Jocelin SIlvertree – a retired elven adventurer was part of a band that looted elven ruins in Cormanthyr. One particular expedition lead to the deaths of his fellows and he decided to retire after that and ended up in Aubrey. As a warriors life was all that he knew, he got hired as a man at arms. Wields duel shortswords

Helyas Cuthert – grew up in Teshendale, he became a caravan guard. On his way back from a job delivering to Zhentil Keep, he stopped in Aubrey and fell in love with the ale brewed in the local tavern and decided to stay, after getting to know the other men at arms, he eventually took a position of a man at arms. Wields a flail and shield, though is handy with a bow as well


Geoffrey Mitford – owner and proprietor of Mitford Inn and Taverne. He is a master brewer. His two brew, Aubrey Ale and Mitford Stout, are known throughout Teshendale and even sells to a couple taverns in Phlan and Teshendale. He lives with his wife, Ada, on the top floor of the tavern.

Hervey Galilee – Physician. His father was the Physician in Aubrey before him and he has lived here almost his whole life except for 5 or so years he spend studying in Hillsfar. hes is now an older man, though still in very good health. Lives alone.

Thurstan Quarton – Wharfmaster, he stays in Aubrey keep and manages the coming and going of ships and also the finances of Steven Aubrey. He is a very smart man, and the oldest human in the village. He has served as the wharf master for as long as anyone can remember. He also handles the bookkeeping for the adjacent warehouses. He is assisted by Forwin Proude.

Forwin Proude – Youngest son of Colin Proude, the clothier. He was always good a bookkeeping and became the Wharf master’s apprentice at a young age.

Colin Proude – The clothier of Aubrey, he lives with his wife and oldest son, Bela and David. David has taken up the majority of the work, especially caravans, as his father grows older.

Samer Deepgrove – a half elven artist. He is a master of sculpture and painting that makes his living creating art and sends his pieces with the village caravans to Teshendale and Hillsfar where they are passed to his art brokers.

Blacwin Smithson – The local blacksmith and repairman, he is fairly successful as a jack of all trades craftsman. Repairing local wagons, creating horseshoes and such, his true love is swords and armor and he makes them with abandon, selling them in Teshendale during the yearly market.

Anselm Waide – He makes his living fishing on the river Tesh and trading with the rest of the village for goods and services. His youngest son, Odo, is a man at arms. His eldest son, Jordan, shares the same trade as his father and just started to take his own ship out to fish, though he does still occasionally go out with his father. Anselm’s wife died giving birth to Odo.

Geoffrey Miller – The owner of the water-powered mill and also the village’s baker. He is a tough man that made a fortune in Phlan as a merchant dealing in food import and export, when he eventually got tired of the constant warfare, he retired to Aubrey and built his mill/ bakery. He lives with his wife, Annora, and daughter, Mary, who assist him. Mary is the catch of the town, though kind of plain, almost all the boys of Aubrey are courting her.

James Sheepherd – Local sheepherder, he is assisted by his daughter, Fina, They spend the day roaming the fields west and east of Aubrey. He makes decent cash supplying the Proudes with wool and the Inn with meat.

Constance Farles – she makes her living as a hunter in the northern woods. She is a large woman, very muscular, she spends days at a time wandering the woods and hunting game. She trades with the rest of the village and travels to various cities selling furs and the occasional salted meat.

Adam Tanner – he makes his trade curing and tanning skins from Constance Farles’ and the Men at Arms’ hunting trips. His house is rather smelly so is place outside the village proper.

Bennet Lassells – shrinekeeper of the local shrine to Lathander, god of spring, dawn, birth, youth, vitality and athletics. He is a nice man that helps to resolve disputes and was a close friend to Walter Aubrey(Steven’s father). He lives off of donations of food from the villages and assists Hervey (the local physician) with crafting medicine and caring for the sick.

Fordwin Tedcastell – manservant at Aubrey Manor, he is the lead servant and caretaker. He served under the previous manservant under Walter Aubrey, and has known Steven all his life.

Bela Tedcastell – the cook of Aubrey Manor, she is married to Fordwin and is an excellent chef. She handles the purchasing of food and beverages for the manor, working with Thurstan Quarton (the Wharfmaster).

Hilda Adams – the other servant of Aubrey Manor she is a middle aged spinster that has worked at Aubrey manor for may years. Not a pretty woman, she does good work and is a dedicated reader, consuming every tome she can get her hands on.