Regions of the Moonsea

Official Moonsea Forgotten Realms Map

The Moonsea is a region in North Faerûn. The region is dominated by the large titular sea that is connected to the Sea of Fallen Stars to the south by the river Lis. The shoreline is a wild, frontier area that is home to several city states dominated by despots. The region does not have a capital. The Moonsea is not necessarily a safe place to live and its settlers are driven and independent as a result.
The most notable of the city-states are Zhentil Keep at the western end, the greatest base of operation of the once-secret society of the Zhentarim; Hillsfar lies in the southwest and Mulmaster in the southeast; Melvaunt rests on the northern side along with Phlan.

Many ruins are found in the Moonsea, the most notable being Northkeep. West of the Moonsea is the northernmost of the Dales: Teshendale. The Dragonspine Mountains are northwest of the sea.


The Moonsea climate can be described as harsh and cold. While not as cold as the Silver Marches, the weather is signifigantly foul; enough to cause the seas to freeze over during the winter. People of the Moonsea are used to wearing cold-weather and other bulky clothes year-round.


The Moonsea region is a particularly dangerous one. There is risk at every turn from pirates, monsters, bandits and military conflicts. Most settlements are fortified and well-guarded, taking precautions to the point of not allowing visitors after dark.

Coming from the old mountains to the north and the area’s titular lake, strange beasts attack from everywhere in the Moonsea. As the sea was once referred to as the Sea of Dragons, there are still dragon lairs littering the wilderness. Dragons still return here to mate.

Related Places

Dagger Falls

Daggers Falls is a large, stone walled town in the Daggerdale region of the Dalelands.

The town is situated near a steep waterfall of the same name. The site was once used as a storage site for dwarven metals mined from the Desertsmouth Mountains to the east. In modern days, it still exists as a frontier town under the authority of Randal Morn, Lord of Daggerdale.

Dragonspine Mountains

This mountain range rests northwest of the Moonsea, which houses the infamous Citadel of the Raven on its western slopes. It is rich with mines.


Elmwood is a small farming community located on the southern shores of the Moonsea. This tranquil place is loosely ruled by his constable, Thoyana Jorgadaul, a shield dwarf adventurer retired here due to a respiratory disease. It is home to woodcutters and fishermen, a waystop for ships and adventurers passing by; the place is neutral and the people keep to therselves, protected both by thei isolation and the fact that here there is little worth taking by force


Elventree is a small village (pop. 366) in the northern reaches of Cormanthor, most noteworthy in recent years for its invasion by and reclamation from an army of Underdark drow. Originally founded by the elves of Cormanthyr as a trading town following the closure of the realm to N’Tel’Quessir, Elventree has longstanding ties to the Harpers, and includes numerous elves, half-elves and Eilistraeean drow among its largely human populace.

Fort Dalton

During one of the many dragon migrations, Fort Dalton was blasted into rubble. A cult of some forbidden god or other now dwells there, or so the story goes


A large trading city located on Tailings Bay.


The city was founded in 940 DR, the Year of the Cold Claws, by the Mulman Hulmaster family when gold was discovered in the swift flowing Winterspear River. The city was a trade center for a massive flow of gold, ravenar, diamonds, and tall timber harvested from the Galena Mountains nearby. Hulburg suffered several major reversals in the last two centuries, including two attacks by the city of Mulmaster, being sacked by an army of frost giants, a third attack by Mulmaster that nearly razed the city, and finally, in 1347, a combined assault by the navy of Zhentil Keep and a orcish horde from the Thar that has left the city in ruins.

Ironfang Keep

Ironfang Keep is an ancient keep in northern Faerûn. It lies in the northernmost parts of the Eathspine Mountains at the cascades where the White River falls into the Moonsea. The Keep is so old, that even the oldest elves remember their grandparents talk about it. There are legends among dragons which indicate that Ironfang Keep already existed around -25000 DR It got its name due to massive iron deposits near the Keep. But so far no one dared to mine them, because most fear the presence of the Keep and its inhabitants.

Maskyr’s Eye

Maskyr’s Eye is a pastoral hamlet in the shadow of the Earthspur Mountains, on the trail between Malvaunt and the Vast. Widely known for having the finest inn of the Vast, The Wizards Hand, Maskyr’s Eye is otherwise mostly unremarkable. Dwarves from hidden holds in the Earthspurs trade here some years, and the ruins of Maskyr’s tower still draw the curious and adventurous from time to time, but otherwise, little changes here.


Melvaunt is a city on the northern side of the Moonsea and adjacent to the Great Gray Land of Thar. It is ruled by the The Lord of Keys.[as of when?] The lands surrounding Melvaunt are among the most dangerous in the region.


Mulmaster is a country led by the High Blade, and de facto ruler of the city, Selfaril Uoumdolphin. After years of actively opposing it, the city finally joined the Zhentarim. Now firmly entrenched in the Zhents’ power base and with a new temple to Bane being erected there, the city that once stood as a bulwark against the spread of the Zhent stain is now one of the proudest jewels in Fzoul Chembryl’s new, Banite-influenced Zhentarim.

New Verdigris

Located in the Dragonspine Mountains, near the largest glacier found in that range, New Verdigris is a small mining community. The community is a very small town, with an economy centered around a small number of mine shafts that bring out iron ore and gems from the depths of the Dragonspine Mountains.


Phlan is a large town located in the northern shoreline of the Moonsea at the mouth of the Stojanow river. Founded over 1,000 years go, a series of destruction and rebuilding has led to the city being walled off into a destroyed, ruined Old Phlan and a rebuilt, shining Civilized Phlan. The town is currently rebuilding from the devastating Dragon Run of 1306 DR and is growing even more popular as a stop for caravans and ships with recent troubles with Hillsfar, and adventuring is encouraged through the crumbling ruins of Old Phlan.

The Ride

The open steppe of The Ride lies between the Dragonspine Mountains, the Border Forest and the Gray Land of Thar. It is home to tribes of mounted barbarians who consider any outsiders to be fair game. Although the tribes are prone to constant internal struggling, they will quickly unite to face threats from the outside, like the Zhentarim march on Glister in 1352 DR.

The forces of Zhentil Keep try to control the area, striving to control lucrative mines that riddle the mountain slopes north of the cold plains of The Ride.


A Teshendale logging camp that was abandoned after the Zhentarim take over of the Dale.


Started more that a centruy ago around a retired half-elf adventurer’s fortress, it became a haven for elven kind in the Moonsea Region. Sulasspryn suddenly and inexplicably collapses on itself about 60 years ago, dropping into a large sinkhole. An entire city, 7,500 people, are crushed in less then ten minutes. Sulasspryn is promptly abandoned.


Built at the location of a small set of rapids or cascades along the river Tesh, the town of Teshwave was razed by the Zhents. Only a few buildings escaped the town’s destruction. The Zhents use Teshwave as their headquarters in the Dale, and the area is usually crawling with Zhents and mercenaries.


Thar, also known as the Great Gray Land, is a rocky, broken moor stretching for hundreds of miles with a harsh climate north of the Moonsea. It is inhabited by wild tribes of humanoids such as orcs who are constantly at war with one another.


Thentia was founded in 820 DR, the Year of the Roving Tyrant, by the exiled Barovian families of House Dilisnya, House Katsky, and House Khodolis who were fleeing the settlement of a civil war in their own country. It is considered the most militarily weak and dis-unified city on the Moonsea, but it’s lax governmental policies and “liberal” trade controls make it a haven for the fiercely independent, from the powerful wizards who call it home to the Trade Senate who govern it’s business dealings.


A former colony of the Dalelands, has been conquered by the Zhentarim.


Once a large heavily fortified city, Yulash sits on top of a wide plateau. In recent years the lords of the city splintered into a civil war. The two sides were used as puppets by the forces of Zhentil Keep and Hillsfar in a proxy war that destroyed the city. There is still some civilization left and the large keep is still well fortified and currently flies the Black Flag of Zhentil Keep.

Zhentil Keep

This keep is the main base of operation for the Zhentarim.